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Humboldt Love-Hate




I arrived in Humboldt much like Eryn ("Leaving," Dec. 15). I had seen a video and a brochure for HSU, but the day I moved into the dorms was my first day in Humboldt County. I instantly fell in love. I love how you can have conversations with perfect strangers. I love the absolute natural beauty of the beaches and forests. I love feeling like I can be me all the time with no judgment.

I moved away after my first year at HSU but moved back after a year with two of my best friends in tow. I've now lived here for over seven years straight. I met my husband in the dorms at HSU and we've made a home here. We are now expecting our first child. But it hasn't always been a love affair. I struggle greatly with my love and hate for Humboldt County. There are no jobs and it's hard to make ends meet. There is definite lack of opportunity. I miss the sunshine. We have no family here, which also makes it hard now that we are expecting a child. All my friends are moving away slowly, one by one. That said, almost everyone I know who has moved away misses Humboldt and wants to move back. What to do?

Jennifer Aspuria, Fieldbrook


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