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Hurt My Brain, Please




It was a pleasant surprise to see that the North Coast Journal had a medium level Sudoku puzzle in this week's issue. 
For the last few weeks it seems that you have focused mainly on the easy or very easy puzzles which, in my opinion, is a waste of valuable print space.

Do you really think that you are serving your readers' best interests by dumbing them down with mediocre puzzles? Do you think the avid Sudoku puzzler finds any satisfaction turning the pages of your publication only to find that the dessert at the end of the meal is only gruel? I for one hope that this isn't true and that you continue to challenge and engage your readers with puzzles more befitting the type of intellectual prowess that Humboldt County seems to have a plethora of. Let's eat cake, shall we?

p.s. I am currently setting up a research project to measure the relationship between the level of difficulty in your weekly Sudoku puzzle and the educational value and content of the Journal on a week to week basis. I am already finding some really interesting inverse correlations.

Travis Turner, Samoa

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