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In Praise of Stansberry



My husband and I look forward to any article written by Linda Stansberry. She is a very talented journalist, on whatever topic she tackles. We hope to see her talents shared and recognized in the wider world.

"Stoned Love" (Aug. 7) is a great example of her skill, and so touching. She writes about the marijuana culture completely openly, asking the questions and making the connections that we have too, but can't talk openly about. It is such a controversial issue around here that there is no safe place to discuss it in a civilized manner. It could even be dangerous to discuss.

We have plenty of friends and family whose lives have been ruined by their abuse of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. Everyone in Humboldt County is especially affected by it in the crime and violence and human sadness we see every day.

We appreciate the North Coast Journal. Thank you.

Neena and Justin Olson, Fortuna

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