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We were interested in the casual response regarding the use of a less than adequate generator to power an antenna for the KZCC 95.5 FM radio station broadcasting from Trinidad ("Dance of the Dial," Feb. 19).

The antenna is actually located on Green Diamond Resource company property adjacent to the north east corner of Fieldbrook at the highest point on Tip Top Ridge. As longtime residents of a property adjacent to that location, we have found the inadequacies of the generator mentioned in your article to be most troublesome. The fact is we hear that generator every time we step out of our house. We have reported the problem to GDR and they have brought the problem to the attention of the Airen Broadcasting Co., owner of the antenna and generator. We were told they made an effort to repair the muffler on the generator. However, the noise still exists. From what we understand there is no hope for PG&E power to the site, which means the less-than-adequate generator will always be the power source.

We moved here for the quietness this part of the country offers, and up to this point it has been a quiet place to live except for the occasional logging operation, which is to be expected. We now live with a constant din from a generator and find that offensive.

Allowing the noise to continue to disturb the community is not neighborly of either Green Diamond Resource Company or the Airen Broadcasting Company.

— Keith and Carol Millar, Fieldbrook


Now I know what the problem is with my radio ("Immaculate Reception," Feb. 19). I regularly listen to our local progressive radio programming on KGOE (1480 AM), but I can hardly hear it for the new Catholic Radio Station (1400 AM). As a recovering Catholic, I have no problem with their station as long as it does not interfere with what I want to listen to.

— Kathleen M. Pelley, Eureka

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