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Investigate and Apologize




I am just catching up on my NCJ’s from the holiday season and was impressed, as well as saddened, by Ryan Burns’ piece on the plane that was lost off Trinidad last spring. (“The Plane That Wasn’t There,” Dec. 17). Burns’ fine account of how this tragic story was, and continues to be, kept under wraps is a pathetic commentary on the piss-poor oversight of the airport by the County and a more-than-pathetic commentary on Airport Manager Jacqueline Hulsey’s character.

Beyond her lack of compassion for the grieving families, her lack of responsibility for the actions (or inactions) that took place that night warrants a full investigation and appropriate disciplinary measures implemented.

“Lack of communication” and understanding are no excuse for the incompetence that may have ultimately cost two men their lives. Ms. Hulsey is the responsible party in this case and should be held accountable. The fact that she remains in the same position she held that fateful night is reprehensible. The County should be ashamed of its poor handling of this matter and should offer a full apology to the grieving families.

Pete Nichols, Westhaven

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