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It All Flows Downriver



The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has thoroughly documented the extensive environmental damage caused by tens of thousands of "cannabis" grows in Humboldt and Mendocino counties. Stream diversion, water pollution by chemical fertilizers, forest canopy loss over creeks caused by "clearing" — all have devastating effects on trout and salmon populations.

Ultimately one of the casualties will be the coastal commercial and sport fishermen who will see further closures to ocean fishing for salmon. Stephen Sungnome Madrone's piece in the March 23 Journal ("It's What, Not How, You Grow") makes absolute sense. Incentive returns for good land stewardship would ultimately provide great benefit to our fishing industry. Credit incentives to land stewards would be greatly offset by the boost to the fishing fleet's economic contributions and taxes generated by fishing industry income.

This is a great thoughtful proposal well worth supporting.

Ken Bates, Eureka

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