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'It's Infuriating'


Dear Editor,

It is with great frustration that I write in about the proposed closure of the skilled nursing homes in Humboldt ("What Will Happen to Ma and Pa?" Sept. 15 and "Profits Over People?" Sept. 22). It seems like this discussion of taking proper care of our elderly goes on and on, and on, and on. Year after year, abuses continue. Companies come in and take our money, and our government money, and they do not provide the care our elder community deserve. Why do we allow this to continue?

How dare they close on people, after taking their money all these years? It's infuriating. Companies should not be allowed to run such businesses if they do not show evidence of truly meeting their needs. Period.

Rockport should be made to stay open until every person is taken care of properly, and not rushed off in a rough manner that endangers them. Or until another company is able to move in and take over proper care of these individuals.

Thank you to the Journal and Linda Stansberry for shining a light on this disgrace.

Roxy Kennedy, Honeydew

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