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It's Up to Us, Eureka

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I've been reading the various statements and literature put out by Mr. Fullerton and Mr. Allison in their contest for the vacant seat on the Eureka City Council.

Mr. Fullerton lists his major asset as his decades of involvement in city government and civic affairs and promises to bring that wealth of experience to bear on solving the problems we currently face. At the same time, however, he asserts that these problems are a result of decades of government indifference; they have been ignored for too long.

But as a good CPA, Mr. Fullerton should recognize that every asset has an off-setting liability. In this case, the liability is his involvement in the self-same indifference to the problems that he lays at the feet of past city governance, i.e the asset that he claims to qualify him to find new solutions.

Mr. Allison is new to the arena, so his asset is a fresh perspective and a lack of connections to the network of "business-as-usual" politics. His liability is the lack of experience in how local government actually works.

It's up to us, the electorate, to weigh and balance all such assets versus liabilities, and make a reasoned choice for who we feel would best serve the interests of the community, rather than their personal interests and pocketbooks.

Bronco Weseman, Eureka


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