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Eureka residents elected a progressive majority to the city council for the first time in the city's history two years ago.

Just two short years later, we are at risk of losing that majority and handing our city government back to the good-ole-boy network that has been dominating our city and county government for decades. The wealthy elite are looking to "take Eureka back" by electing disgraced former school board member John Fullerton, who is notorious for his successful efforts of closing down schools throughout the greater Eureka area, and for opposing members of the Eureka Teachers Union at every opportunity.

If we want local government to continue the progress it has made these past two years to beautify and improve our city, and remove red tape for new businesses to revitalize Old Town, it is imperative that we elect Austin Allison to the Eureka City Council. See VoteAustinEureka.com for details!

Fred Krissman, Eureka

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