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KEET's Simple Challenge



In reference to a former employee's comments in the June 27 issue of the North Coast Journal ("Inside KEET"), it was disappointing, as president of the KEET board of directors, to learn that his tenure with KEET-TV concluded in a manner that, clearly, he remembers with some bitterness. His technical abilities and contributions during his employment with KEET were appreciated.

Unfortunately, his letter displayed a limited understanding of the exhaustive and time-consuming planning and negotiations underway, the immense work that must be and is being done with federal funders and potential collaborating PBS stations.

The board of directors and staff of KEET-TV are committed to preserving and sustaining the extraordinary local resource that is our PBS station. However devoted the energetic and capable staff and board members are, the expected reduction in funding from the federal Corporation of Public Broadcasting (CPB) with which our PBS station must contend is something that cannot be managed through goodwill and good wishes.

The increased funding must come from KEET-TV supporters, those who appreciate PBS and local programming that is an integral part of the cultural, educational and artistic life of the North Coast. To that end, KEET-TV staff and board will continue to work to inform viewers of the need to become members, to contribute to the financial match required by CPB, a goal that is surely reachable in this generous and informed community.

More members. More funding. It is that simple and that challenging. And, given the nature of our North Coast community, it is doable with your help.

Valerie Eachus, McKinleyville

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