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Kind of a Big Deal



Small win? Oh, heck no. ("A Small Win for Transparency," July 28.)  

It's a very big deal when citizens and the Constitution are once again recognized as possessing inalienable rights. Thanks for such a clear, precise article.

I am thrilled that a court has ruled that, yes, public records mean just that.

The cops and city were so obviously full of crap when they started all this secretive nonsense. Blatantly, the plan was to just delay, delay, delay, delay in hopes their transgressions would somehow disappear.

Sadly for them, there are a lot of us with very good memories.

I subscribe to the philosophy that if one has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong, well then, release the documents and videos.

What are they hiding that is so horrendous? Boggles the mind.

Gura Lashlee, McKinleyville


Regarding "A Small Win for Transparency" and your comments that the NCJ feels like it was a "bit of a waste" despite being happy and relieved that what you went through has finally come to fruition because the courts have ordered this video to be released; but why did it take so long to happen?

It took so long because of who and what you're dealing with: law enforcement and those in management with the city of Eureka. I've seen time and time again where persons of authority (read: management), or those who hold a position with varying degrees of power, decide whether or not to play by the rules or ignore them. Their attitude regarding whatever the situation might entail always seems to be that they'll do as they please, law or truth be damned!

To the employees of the NCJ, your wait was not in vain and I hope mine isn't either, for I am dealing with the same thing. I filed charges against a previous employer with a federal entity in the summer of 2015 and resolution is still a ways off. I'm not alone, though, as others who file complaints with this same organization will tell you the same thing. Of course, we have only the politicians in Washington to thank for why we wait so long for our cases to be heard, for they could have added more employees to handle the increased workload but didn't consider it worthwhile.

There is good news to my situation. Shortly after being informed that charges had been filed, the individual in charge left suddenly to everyone's surprise last summer and the dipstick who oversaw the personnel department left this past June!  


T Kirschbaum, Fields Landing


I want to take this moment to congratulate your organization on the victory of forcing the release of the police video, and finessing it into case law. This may be the highest achievement in advancing public interests since Judy started the Journal. We need to find a way to get this achievement recognized. It is waaay bigger than most citizens know. Good work!

Robert Eckart, Arcata

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