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Most of the thick nonsense started with the HKA suit (“Hobart’s Children,” Jan. 22). Hobart was heavily medicated at that time.

A mysterious Ferndale woman had a bigger picture in mind. Will it turn out in her favor in the end? ’Cause the drama is not over yet. No chance Hobart would have initiated that HKA suit by himself. That mysterious Ferndale woman is the dirt of Ferndale. Hobart was taking advantage of during his medicated times. His name was taken to try to benefit others outside the family. The HKA could not afford the cost of a lawyer so they essentially signed the rights away with no money to fight. That was a real tragedy, because HKA did a good job, but others wanted control of it so they exploited Hobart when he could not see straight.

I myself was a racer under HKA operating the race. I find the current state of the situation very sick and corrupted. I won’t support the nonsense as being a continued racer under these conditions.

Hobart I don’t blame. Some of the Ferndale folks exploiting Hobart is the ultimate tragedy in all this. I’m glad the majority of this story was released for the public to see. Notice the main players in all this out of Ferndale. Be careful who you trust!

— Chris Butner, Arcata


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