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This campaign for 4th District supervisor is not about who is nicer but about who will truly support and build on the gifts of Humboldt County, bringing everyone to the table rather than just those with the most money or the loudest voice.

Chris Kerrigan is about the next generation, which must be brought into the fold because the way we have always done things is not working. He is a new breed of politician who takes the risk of honesty, doesn't take special interest money and asks the working people to come out and be heard. We need to encourage and support this young man who will give it all because he knows we must act now and not later to save this unique and beautiful place we call home with sustainable jobs, care for our incredible environment and investment in our young people.

Carolyn Ayres, Eureka


The county needs someone like Chris Kerrigan on the board of supervisors to represent the general public. Virginia Bass accepted huge campaign contributions from developers, land speculators and related interests, then worked to scrap the general plan. Part of this involved installing these same people on the county planning commission. This is a big conflict of interest. It is also a slap to the many citizens who put in so many hours of work over the years into the general plan.

Kerrigan has the necessary experience with eight years on the Eureka City Council and would be a much better bet to be responsive to the needs of a wider range of people in Humboldt County.

Charles Minton, Bayside


Chris Kerrigan deserves our votes for supervisor. All elections are values elections, and elections have consequences. One consequence is that we have to accept not only the candidate but his or her appointees.

Chris Kerrigan advocates responsible development in areas with existing services. His appointees will, too. His opponent demonstrates her values by her longterm promotion of the founder of HumCPR for appointment to city and county planning commissions. HumCPR's goal of removing constraints on rural development is well known.

Converting resource land to residential amounts to climate change denial. Residences sprawling into increasing dry rural areas endanger lives and raise the cost of fire suppression. We cannot afford office holders whose values and funders require denial of climate change.

Elections are about values, and they have consequences. I'm voting for the future. I'm voting for my grandchildren. I'm voting for Chris Kerrigan. I hope you will, too.

Bob Service, Eureka


Chris Kerrigan! Best candidate for 4th District supervisor. A city councilmember of eight years, he has energy, optimism, inspiring and thought-provoking civic ability and good judgment. Vote Chris!

I remember when a liquid natural gas facility was proposed for Humboldt and many people were concerned. Chris was instrumental in organizing a special meeting which was well attended. Both sides were heard and we all benefited. I still appreciate the opportunity that Chris helped to give to the citizenry to participate in a discussion on such an important and divisive issue.

I was once presented with an issue involving a child. Chris set up a meeting with the city attorney and the situation was solved quickly.

I'm impressed and grateful for his outstanding caring and involvement with real people's issues and concerns. Vote Kerrigan!

Ellen Bryant, Eureka


Eureka and Humboldt County in general have been on the decline for many years. Local small businesses are going out of business at an alarming rate. Storefronts remain empty year after year. More and more buildings are becoming blight within our communities. Many of our streets are unsafe for both drivers and pedestrians, with little being done. Eureka has become a small town with big city problems. Is that what we want for ourselves and our families?

The current establishment has had control for years and all we've seen is decline. Humboldt County used to be a beautiful, thriving, family-friendly community that was a destination spot for travelers. We can be that again. It's time to invest in and revitalize our communities. We need people who are proactive with vision and common sense.

Chris Kerrigan is and always has been that person.

Randall Garrett Herzon, Eureka


When I first met Chris Kerrigan in 2000, as he ran for city council, I was impressed with his vision for Eureka. He had a clear, focused vision of what a good and productive city Eureka could be. When I was elected to the city council myself, I found a council, manager and mayor (Virginia Bass) dedicated to protecting the status quo. That is, the council except for Chris Kerrigan.

Chris has always fought for livable, "walkable" neighborhoods, traffic calming measures, expanding air service, and housing and employment opportunities in the core areas of Eureka. He knows that our economic future is tied to our quality of life. Safe streets, neighborhoods, and enjoyable communities attract investment and job growth. He has a sustainable economic vision for Humboldt County, which includes manufacturing as well as promoting our wonderful environmental attributes and protecting them.

Vote Chris Kerrigan on June 3.

Larry Glass, Eureka


As a locally born and raised individual, I have never written a letter to the editor. I am writing today because I have never been so excited to vote in a local election.

My grandmother met Chris when he knocked on her door during his first election for Eureka City Council. He a made a great impression on her and won her vote. If she was still alive today, I'm sure she would be proud to vote for Chris for Humboldt County supervisor.

Chris Kerrigan wants growth and development to take place inside the 4th District, benefiting our economy and environment, and creating livable, walkable and safe neighborhoods.

Appointments have consequences, and I want a supervisor that will support the people they represent, rather than the special interests of a few.

Please join me in voting for Chris Kerrigan for Humboldt County's next 4th District supervisor. Thank you.

Billy Cook, Erueka


If you want to see the future that Virginia Bass has in mind for the 4th District you need to drive by Seventh and F streets in Eureka and take a good look at the Downtowner Motel. This eyesore and community blight has sat that way for the past 10 years that it's been owned by Kevin McKenny.

Don't know the name? Well, he's the person that Virginia just put in charge of planning our community's future as a planning commissioner. It is time to change the course and bring new leadership to the board of supervisors. Vote Chris Kerrigan to lead the 4th District.

John Wynands, Dinsmore


I am 88 years old and have voted for 67 years. I've never missed an election and I give much attention to whom I give my precious vote.

Sharon Latour has all the needed qualifications for improving our way of life in our district. I've met her; she is a strong woman with leadership experience in the U.S. Air Force and in California communities.

We need someone with the dynamic, friendly personality she projects. Sharon will never shirk her duty as an elected supervisor in the 5th District. She not only has ideas for changes in our district, but constantly asks those she speaks with what they would like to see improved.

McKinleyville is growing rapidly and needs a strong supervisor to guide it in the way we citizens want to see it improve. I know that Sharon Latour is the person who will excel in this job.

Bette Boyd, McKinleyville


Humboldt County's next district attorney will be the woman who will set the agenda for the county's prosecution of alleged criminal acts, and will have discretion over the county's civil legal authority.

Maggie Fleming is competent and experienced. She is a dedicated public servant. But I will be voting for Elan Firpo for district attorney. Elan is the candidate with both business management experience and recent, post-budget-realignment, hands-on legal experience; she is currently serving as deputy DA.

I am a Paul Gallegos supporter. I share his opinion that Elan Firpo should be our new district attorney. Paul's high level of idealism has served Humboldt County well. His acknowledged weakness is in the realm of organizational management. Elan's many years of successful international business management will remedy the organizational and under-funding problems in the DA's office.

Please join me in voting for Elan Firpo for district attorney on June 3.

Jim Lamport, Garberville


Don't let the DA's office slip back to the Terry Farmer "good ole boy" network. Maggie Fleming was his deputy DA and is now supported by the same moneyed interests. DA is a fulltime job, but Maggie already quit her part-time DA job for more money and fewer hours.

More concerning is that at county counsel, Maggie tried to avoid full disclosure on $3.5 million in legal fees for suing Southern Humboldt landowners. Maggie lost the transparency lawsuit to HumCPR. The county had to pay legal fees. Thus, Maggie stands for more publicly funded "witch hunts" of upstanding citizens and lack of transparency. Rural Humboldt beware!

I support Elan Firpo. Her commitment to civil liberties and transparency is heartfelt sincere, instead of lip service. Only Firpo is an experienced manager of personnel, budgets and priorities. She will keep Humboldt safe by pursuing repeat offenders. Vote Firpo for DA on June 3.

Chris Weston, Phillipsville


People need to ask the right question in the DA's race. The DA is top cop, chief law enforcement officer in the county. One candidate is the choice of the sheriff and deputies. Having them choose their chief is like having the army decide who should be president. It undermines civilian authority and trust that law enforcement so badly needs to do its job well.

Elan Firpo grew up in a law enforcement family, with both her dad and grandpa career CHP officers. So, she's very familiar with the needs of law enforcement and, not surprisingly, has a stellar record working with them as a deputy district attorney. But Firpo, a libertarian, knows how to draw the line and act independently for us, too.

We don't need law enforcement unions telling us who should be DA. We need someone who will be district attorney of all Humboldt: Elan Firpo.

Michael Evenson, Petrolia


Campaigns are tough. Getting elected is tougher. Staying with challenging situations is the toughest. Elan Firpo has taken on a difficult challenge at a difficult time because she cares deeply about our community.

Elan Firpo was raised by a family of law enforcers and earned her law degree so that she could be a district attorney. She has articulated substantial plans to go after those with the most insidious intent: drug cartels, violent criminals and people who cause human and environmental damage. As an engineer, she managed hundreds of employees. She knows how to direct financial resources and teams toward successful outcomes.

This campaign has demonstrated that Elan Firpo is relentless in her mission to fight for what is right while at the same time prosecuting Humboldt's worst criminals.

As former Humboldt County supervisors, we are supporting Elan Firpo because she is fiercely dedicated to her values, beliefs and the safety of our community.

Julie Fulkerson and John Woolley


I have known Chris Kerrigan for a many years and have watched his growth and development from a young person involved in Eureka politics to a man who has the commitment to serve the larger community.

I support Chris for reasons related to my wanting to live here. The people and natural resources here are incredible. I value a viewpoint that supports a caring and sustainable community — high quality food, recreation, beautiful environment, arts and culture.

Chris would be someone on the board who would be mindful of this as he ponders and makes decisions. He is the right person for this job, and I feel that he will better represent the people of the 4th District. Chris is very smart, a great listener, and has a strong command of local issues. Chris wants Humboldt County to grow and develop in ways where everyone benefits and not just a select few landowners. Please vote for Chris Kerrigan.

Barbara Peters, Eureka


Adminstrative, legal, courageous, social: Only one candidate, Elan Firpo, has the complete skill set to be the best district attorney for Humboldt. She has a clear vision about how to improve the DA's office, and make our community safer. In her previous career as an engineer, she designed products and promoted them all over the world. She knows how to get things done! Many of her family members currently work in Humboldt in law enforcement. Please vote for Elan Firpo for District Attorney.

Richard and Jane Wilson, Arcata; and Bill and Marilyn Andrews, Arcata


Do you want Virginia Bass to continue this agenda:

Subdividing ag and timberlands outside of the city; spending all four years in office slowing down the General Plan Update; appointing unqualified cronies to planning commission; deprioritizing walking and biking trails; keeping working class people from getting a minimum wage raise from large employers;

Or do you want Chris Kerrigan to promote these solutions:

Concentrating investment in the city to improve our neighborhoods; taking our beautiful environment from the lowest per capita income of California coastal cities to prosperity and desirability; stop suppressing working-class constituents for the benefit of special interest groups.

I believe Chris will bring a level of competence that's needed to complete the General Plan Update. I support voting for him because he has a proven track record of integrity and ability to represent all of us.

Darryle Story, Freshwater


Campaign contributions a wise investment? Depends.

The latest supervisor race contributions were released last week. You know what they say: "Follow the money." Here are some examples:

Virginia Bass received $1,000 from Dave Schneider, who owns the Rocky Gulch mine. Last fall Virginia voted against staff recommended water quality requirements to protect the creek and Humboldt Bay from pollution.

Another $1,000 donation came in from Barnum Timber. They can potentially subdivide their holdings in both Southern and Northern Humboldt County. Subdividing these working timber lands can be very profitable for the Barnums but will have negative impacts on our economy by reducing available timber lands and the jobs they produce, as well as increasing fire hazards from new development.

Small investments with large already realized and potential returns. These are just some of the special interests so many are concerned about.

This is why we need Chris Kerrigan for supervisor to stand up for us all.

Todd Rowe, Eureka


Chris Kerrigan is a supporter of trails as a goal for our county. Virginia Bass voted to minimize trails as a goal. Then, with the election looming and a lot of heat from the public, she flip-flopped. Remember, her vote was only a "straw vote," subject to reversal at any time.

Chris supports development in areas with established infrastructure (sewers, police, etc.). Virginia supports unfettered rural development anywhere as indicated by her vote weakening the county's development goals.

Chris supports efforts to improve our environment and our working ag and timber lands. He believes jobs are created by maximizing the use of our natural resources through value-added manufacturing.

Virginia has rubber-stamped a couple of Headwaters Fund grants and called it "job creation." Four more years of Virginia Bass is too long to wait to get the county's business done.

Vote for Chris Kerrigan. Let's get this county going again.

Tom Peters, Eureka


Two years have passed since the general plan draft was submitted to the board of supervisors, a plan I worked on, that expressed a consensus of the diverse opinions of the planning commissioners and community at that time. I assumed that then Board Chair Virginia Bass would respect the work of the commissioners and focus on the issues we could not reach consensus on. Instead, she and the current board majority nit-picked the general plan to pieces.

By tearing apart the general plan the board majority wasted taxpayer money and disrespected the unpaid service I and my fellow commissioners gave to the county when we reviewed each line of the general plan.

Chris Kerrigan has consistently shown vision and good judgment in his public service. He knows how to respect the work of those he leads.

I trust him to lead the 4th District and Humboldt County.

Melvin Kreb, Scotia


For the duration of this campaign I have not seen one letter in support of Ryan Sundberg nor does he seem to have made more than the most minimal attempts to campaign. Is it that he arrogantly assumes he will be re-elected and need do nothing?

I have observed him in action on the board many times and my repeated impression has been that he has behaved, over and over again, like a prepubescent, spoiled child. I have seen him turn on Lovelace and yell at him like a child having a tantrum. He loves to make jokes about serious matters. He has stated that the GPU is so difficult to understand and dismisses it in that way. He has, in so many ways, been a deep disappointment and perhaps the 5th District sees that.

I hope that means that Sharon Latour will be getting the votes of the district.

Sylvia De Rooy, Eureka


I urge you to vote for John Lowry for the 2nd Assembly District. You can trust John Lowry to use your money wisely. John will work for quality education, provision of public and human services, support local businesses, and, importantly, preserve the environment with goals that make sense for all stakeholders.

Today I opened my mail and found the fourth bright colored two-sided mailer (each 11 inches by 6 inches) and a previous 9 inch by 13 inch mailer urging voting for Jim Wood. One can't help but assume these mailers are funded by big money special interests and if elected Jim Wood will be expected to follow their dictates.

My vote goes to someone who I trust: John Lowry for 2nd Assembly District.

Diane Test, Santa Rosa

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