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Leave the Bikers Alone!



In regard to the article "Shot Up and Shut Down" (April 7), I find it to be offensive to the motorcycling community that you chose to put a motorcycle on the cover of your latest issue. In doing so you show the bias that motorcyclists have had to endure for years. Also, it adds to the general misconception that all motorcyclists are irresponsible and trouble makers.

Why did you not put a gun on the cover? The article says how shooting and dumping are the major problems, so why did you write a story that doesn't even say the word motorcycle? I find it hard to shoot a gun while riding my motorcycle. As a rider that cares what the public image of myself conveys as I ride responsibly, I take great offense at the motorcycle on the cover (the wrong kind for riding in that area, it is a flat track style of motorcycle meant to be raced on a track).

If there was a designated riding area in Humboldt County this would alleviate some of the problem. There are funds collected from motorcycle registrations that set up riding areas that are controlled and supervised and could be used to recreate on two and four wheels. Also, as to the problem of shooting which I found to be alarming, when I last rode down to the river bar, a rifle range that could be supervised might be an idea worth looking into and add to encouraging safe shooting practices.

Robert Godwin, Shelter Cove

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