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Liberals? Ha!


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I was amused to see that Ryan Burns seems to think that the "liberal elite appear to be lining up behind Huffman." ("Blog Jammin,'" Nov. 24)  Liberal elite? Please. Thompson, Chesbro, et al are politics as usual, the "I'll-scratch-yours-if-you'll-scratch-mine" crowd.

Thompson is running in a more conservative area than he's used to and Huffman can be the most help to him in that situation since Huffman is, arguably by far, the most conservative Demo running in the Congressional race.

The so-called "liberal elite" is lining up with Huffman because he has the most political "ins" and they think he has the best chance of winning and therefore could be a good in for them.

I think they are very wrong. I think they do not have a very good read on the tenor of the times. As the American public gets more and more squeezed, more unemployment, more foreclosures, I don't believe they will be looking to vote for a middle-of-the-roader. They'll be looking for someone who has some new and gutsy answers, someone who tells it like it is, and that isn't Huffman.

Since Huffman's stance on most anything is minimalist, offer the least you can and still sound good, why would anyone back him unless they, like Huffman, barely have their big toe left of the center line??I hope the public sees the endorsements for what they're worth and will turn their votes over to someone who will fight to make real change. We desperately need real and radical change. We really are all the 99% and it's time for change.

Sylvia De Rooy, Westhaven


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