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Regarding the various topics addressed in your Aug. 7 edition:

First, the great Arcata v. Eureka debate sounds like a variant on the old Oakland v. Berkeley issue, since in both cases neighboring communities forming one city are differentiated by economics and class, with Eureka/Oakland having the problems/benefits of poverty and diversity, and Arcata/Berkeley the opposite. We all live in both towns, so take your pick.

As for the port and railroad -- please! If Goldman Sachs offers to put up its own money there may be some reason to get interested, otherwise it’s just an excuse to hire consultants and have meetings. And as for the poor women who fell for the hoax about the Lippizaner stallions, a word of advice: When one misses a joke it’s usually not a good idea to tell everyone, but complain that the humorous intent was too obscure to be understood even by really smart people like oneself.

*&mdsh Bill Hassler, McKinleyville*

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