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Looking Ahead



I am very grateful to the citizens of the Fifth Division for re-electing me to the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Commission, and to my supporters who made my re-election possible ("From NCJ Daily," Nov. 12). My campaign team takes pride in having stayed positive while sharing our vision for the future of the bay and the community. We were outspent by a considerable margin, but we prevailed because our message resonated with the voters.

I learned a lot about the wants and needs of the people of my community and I intend to redouble my efforts to implement their ideas for improving our prosperity and community health. I will work hard with my fellow commissioners to provide whatever support we can to create trails along the shores of Humboldt Bay that also link to surrounding communities.

I look forward to helping create good paying jobs over the next four years at Redwood Terminal 2. I will continue to support Harbor District efforts to expand aquaculture and to help plan adaptation to climate change and sea level rise. The community recognizes and appreciates efforts to conserve fish populations, but also to maintain fishing access that is so important to our quality of life. I will continue to work toward building North Coast co-management capacity so we can achieve these ends.

We will continue to improve infrastructure that supports our commercial fishing fleet and make sure they always have a home at Woodley Island. However, commercial fishing support is not the sole use of the island, and I look forward to an oyster bar and BBQ area for the public, which are appropriate land uses.

I will continue to be open to ideas from all within our community and people should feel free to contact me any time at 223-7200.

Pat Higgins, McKinleyville

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