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Walking my dog this morning, I began lamenting the old days, and by that, I mean I miss being naive. When I was young, I held a belief in the good of the majority of people. I liked people. I was optimistic for the positive outcome in any situation that became the larger world's problems.

The world has gotten smaller because it's my own, private, little world, and I am happy in it. It is good and I can control some of it and most of it reaches a positive outcome. Patience, time and less outside influence seem to be the key.

Things left unmolested by human interference, generally greed, are by themselves benign, if not actually good. Good logging for healthy forests and wildlife habitat. Good marijuana farming by caring growers doesn't kill fishers, deer and rivers ("Blog Jammin'," Aug. 8). Good farming of any kind gives good returns all around. Good reproductive (birthing or not) health care and education so innocent babies aren't continually born to unhealthy situations over which they grow as mutations in life. Good health care/education for all. Good representation by elected public servants that project intent for community — an overall big picture good for everyone and everything!

There are good people, but I am afraid not enough of them, because one severely miserable soul can devastate and destroy way beyond what several good souls can endeavor to mend and make whole. A very pessimistic view, I know and I am sorry and sad for it. I just don't hold out much hope for humankind and am really distraught about the innocent bystanders we are taking/have taken down with us. How is that right? It's not.

Kathy Travers, Eureka

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