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In re: Marcy Burstiner's Media Maven column ("Hum-CPRA," May 23):

So I'm a perfessor of this, 'kay? So I'm sitting and Richard Salzman sits down next to me! And I'm so like, you know, right? But he's all "Excuse me?" So whatever. But that's what I mean about, you know, evil people? Who do things in politics? They're so like "Excuse me?" No way, Jose! I mean, why isn't everyone like, duh! It's like so much swearing in the North Coast Journal, it's so obvious, duh! Am I right? 

So. Evil people. They're so easy to spot. My publisher just gives me a list of them, and I'm all "Ooh, this one's kinda cute, is he really so ... ?" And she's like "He talks to her who's all over him" and I'm like OMG I mean OMFG, let's get real.

So I'm all "ick" and "you suck" and stuff, but I mean really, for explaining evil, is being a journalism perfessor enough? I am like so totally ... this just really grosses me out. Does it gross you out? I'm like so totally grossed out too. I'm glad we can talk like this.

Charley Custer, Redway


Thanks to Ms. Burstiner for the article about "HumCPR" vs "our county." The relationship between Estelle Fennell and the HumCPR is clear and blatant; enough said. Most of the county law money went to the "Tooby problem." The Tooby ranch was in the "Williamson Act" with respect to taxes. Toobys got a much lower tax rate for keeping this land agricultural; there are tax mechanisms for taking the land out of the Williamson benefit however they sold it without doing that. The "beef" when they sold the land was not how it was to be used but where was the missing tax money if the land usage was to be changed. At least that is how I see it.

Sonia Baur, Garberville


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