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A special election is coming up in McKinleyville soon, for a vacated seat on the Board of the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD). If you are one of the several thousand registered voters in McKinleyville, your mail ballots should be arriving by mid-February. This will be a mail-only ballot.

I am giving my whole-hearted support in this election to Mary Burke, who is a great example of a young person working hard to make a difference in our community. Mary serves as an active volunteer on the Recreation Advisory Committee for MCSD, as well as working as a valued natural resource professional in our area. 

Mary will make an outstanding new member of the MCSD Board. She has my backing because of her excellent qualifications, her seriousness of purpose about MCSD responsibilities and her commitment to fiscal responsibility and the safety and improvement of our open spaces and trails. Also, as a parent of a young child, Mary knows the importance of clean water, recreational opportunities and a safe community for the future. 

Mary will have my vote and, if you live in McKinleyville, I hope your vote too. Please mark your mail-in ballot for Mary Burke in the upcoming MCSD Special Election.

Catherine B. Hanafi, McKinleyville

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