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Measure F!



I am writing this to endorse Measure F and encourage Arcata residents to join me in voting yes on this ballot measure. I sit on the Utility Users Tax Oversight Committee, and I can tell you that without this source of income, we would experience a significant decline in the effectiveness of our police department and a decline in the quality of our streets, roadways, bikeways and pedestrian facilities.

The Utility Users Tax contributes many hundreds of thousand dollars to these services. In fact, without these funds, the city would not be able to keep up with basic maintenance of our streets, let alone embark on improving them. The oversight committee was established when the Utility Users Tax was approved and those of us who serve on this committee can verify that the money collected goes toward public safety and transportation infrastructure.

Remember, a yes vote does not create a new tax; it simply extends this revenue source for another eight years. Please join me and cast a yes vote on Measure F,

Steve Cole, Arcata

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