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Measure K!



I am writing this letter in support of Measure K, a bond to finance needed repairs at Jacoby Creek School. California ranks 42nd in spending for K-12 education. These bonds are the only viable means for schools to do needed repairs. Other schools throughout Humboldt have passed similar measures. At present, Jacoby Creek School has no outstanding bonds, the last one having been passed in 1989 is fully paid off. The fact that it has been 27 years is evidence of how desperately these funds are needed. 

Maya Angelou once said that it's not just the parents, but the entire society, that is responsible for its children. "We will have to live in a world they will create", she concludes, "and the one they give us is the one we damn well deserve."

For the kids, please vote yes on Measure K! Thank you.

Michael Dehority, Arcata

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