I seriously don’t think I have ever read anything in this paper as wild as “Zombies of the ER,” by Marcy Burstiner (Jan. 1).

Having an apparent meltdown over the columnists from the Reporter now appearing twice weekly in the Times-Standard, she uses scads of loaded pejoratives to communicate her liberal hissy fit over these writings: “horror movie,” “crazy,” “severed head,” “grumpy,” “craziness.” She goes on to worry about how far her editor will “let her go,” when I believe that HSU should Let Her Go for displaying such a rudimentary lack of understanding about political and journalistic dialog.

Stating that “you don’t have to be Jewish” to lament a page of Christmas coverage in the Times-Standard, she has the chutzpah to completely overlook the fact that fully half of that same issue’s front page was devoted to Hanukkah!

I’m sure I am not the only Humboldt County reader happy to see Thomas Sowell and other conservative voices in the T-S give a healthy counterpoint to the classic myopia and ever shifting goal-lines of liberal “thinking.” Ms. Burstiner inadvertently provides added fuel for the necessity for these counterpoints with her rant. 

This is one of the very, very few times I have ever been actually ashamed of a low level of writing in this usually fine paper.

Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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