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Meditation Champion




Thank you for printing Barry Evans' excellent description of Humboldt's jail meditation group ("A Room Without a View," July 22). Evans mentions Karen Keasey, the jail's Correction Program Coordinator. The decade-long existence of this program is a tribute to Ms. Keasey's commitment to helping those of us who find ourselves in jail. She is a great example of a government employee who goes the extra mile to look out for a vulnerable population.

The simple life skill that this program nurtures -- the ability to "come home" to peacefulness, even in a potentially challenging environment -- can have a great impact on those in the jail and also on anyone who ever comes into contact with someone who has been imprisoned. But without Ms. Keasey's advocacy, this no-cost program might easily have been lost.

She deserves our thanks.

Mitch Trachtenberg, Trinidad


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