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Middle-Class Blinders




Discernment, not. Spinning the Journal's integrity? Yes. ?("We're Not Stenographers," May 24) The Eureka police practiced deliberate torture on demonstrators occupying the Caltrans building. A Times-Standard videographer was present, filming, but the Times-Standard declined to report this highly significant aspect. Did the Journal blow their cover? No way. No, Burstiner was all bent by HSU censorship of a penis sculpture ("Expression is Freedom," May 5, 2011). Not a fucking word about torture censorship. I think it's fair to say your practices are dishonest. Or maybe it's enough to say "middle class," therefore rather insecure and not particularly insightful. Fits your publisher well, I believe.?"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together." Your policy of protecting the Times-Standard fits right in with the general direction of things, doesn't it.

Robert Sutherland, Ettersburg

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