Having just read the cautions set forth in Bill Walsh's Lapsing Into a Comma regarding end-of-line hyphens, it was with pleasure taken at the Journal‘s expense to see "rear-range" in Zach St. George's "The Right to Gather" article (June 23). Although not as humorous as the example set forth in Walsh's book relating to "rear-rested" "johns" in a newspaper article describing a San Francisco prostitution case, it was nonetheless eye-catching in an otherwise great article about the concerns of local tribal members vs. MLPA.

"Re-arrange" might have been the better choice of hyphenation but that "choice" was likely left to the vagarious nature of the reporter's word processing software. So, whether it's while taking a stand against perceived injustices of overreaching government or while becoming complacent about the tyranny of technology involved in our written-word reporting thereon, may we never lose sight of our fraternity and forever retain a sense of humor about our foibles and fallibility. Thanks for one of my many laughs of the day.

Jim Willits, Hydesville


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