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Missing Charlie



I just read with huge disappointment that Charlie Myers will no longer be in NCJ Filmland ("Charlie Says Farewell," Sept. 29). It is a sad day indeed. Since he began writing film reviews, I've been a faithful reader. It isn't just the reviews themselves, which I have to say do mean a lot to me as a film buff. It is also that his narratives are such great reading, like the NY Times book reviews. I want to read them for the pure joy of the writing. Every Wednesday I pick up the NCJ as soon as it comes out, turn to page 38 or 43 or wherever Charlie's reviews are tucked away, anticipating his opinion and also the very personal flavor of what he writes. This is a big loss for the NCJ, our community and me. Hey, Charlie  -- If you haven't already, get a website created so we can still enjoy your film reviews, a site you can use from Portland, Seattle or wherever you might be enjoying films, including those that will never be brought here.

Pamela Brown, Arcata

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