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Greetings to everyone at the Journal.

I wanted to comment on the prickly gay issue and the “Boom Bye Bye” song. First of all, “Boom Bye Bye” was and still is the most misunderstood song in dancehall history. Buju Banton is not a homophobe. He has never killed nor been convicted of assaulting any homosexual male or female. The song “Boom Bye Bye” is an anti-child molester song. It came out during a time when there was a story in the Jamaican news about a young boy getting sodomized by an old man. So does that make Buju a homophobic monster? I think not.

Also, the song in question is 20 years old too. Also, I do feel that some of the people who sent violent or irrational e-mails to the owner of the Nocturnum was taking things too far. I feel that some of the gay or transgender folks who were mad at Buju could have protested and had dialog of some sort. This issue could be resolved with a simple reasoning session between both parties.


Nowali Temesgan, Eureka

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