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The institution of Humboldt State, particularly the University Center Board of Directors, needs to be held accountable for the decisions they've made on behalf of the student body (NCJ Daily, April 27). Their decisions, particularly the 2011 choice to establish Follett Corporation as the primary owner of our bookstore, have impacted the financial crisis experienced by many students at HSU.

What I ask of the board of directors is to no longer give in to corporate monopolies in their attempt to seize student assets, and to reconsider a student-run bookstore on campus. By doing so, an increase in job opportunities will provide students with more experience in working and self-governance. Affording a $400 bill for textbooks is straining, even for students who work full time and, while there are alternatives for buying cheaper/used books, a student-owned bookstore could help facilitate cheaper alternatives and ease financial stress for student budgets.

It is the responsibility of the University Center Board of Directors to protect student governance and student authority on campus. Allowing a monopolizing corporation to dictate textbook costs and limit options only increases financial strain and adds even more stress for students already combatting debt, Humboldt County's lack of jobs, mental health issues and institutional oppression.

Kristen Costanzo, Arcata

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