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I must express my sincerest gratitude. Not only have my crossword grievances been rectified, but lo, I have been shown the light.

Your man Bob really swung the bat this time ("The Hum," May 26). Where the rest of us so obviously failed, Mr. Doran took upon himself the heavy burden of giving some kind of definition at last to that which was indefinable.

Never again will we sinners wonder "Just what is this Bluegrass thing, and am I playing it?" The No Good Redwood Ramblers were, of course, deemed unworthy of this lofty title. We were judged, but it was a divine, cleansing judgment from on high. I cannot help but to think that I am purer for it. Cleaner now than ever I could have scrubbed myself upon my washboard.

Cameron Trujillo, Eureka



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