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No, Really, Adams




While I admire Sylvia De Rooy and often find myself in agreement with her, I think her letter (Mailbox, March 29) misreads history. Sylvia wrote "I think this county has an awful lot of people who are hurting and who understand that the only way out of this hurt is with a truly progressive candidate ... and that's Norman Solomon."?It's a nice sentiment, but history suggests that whenever people become more fearful, they swing conservative. That's why ads like Willie Horton are so effective.?We are fortunate to have many appealing candidates for Congress. Susan Adams will get my vote.

Susan Adams has devoted her life to helping people as a nurse and professor of nursing. She has established a proven record as a capable political leader in Marin, able to pass legislation in addition to talking about it.  She was the champion behind the Marin Energy Authority, winning an important political victory against PG&E.

Susan Adams led the effort to establish the Marin Medical Reserve Corps, a volunteer group of health care professions that has received national recognition. She is an experienced negotiator who wants to knit us together rather than further divide us. In person, she is charming and approachable. She has family in Humboldt.?I think Norman Solomon is great, and I'm grateful for the important work he does. I'm voting for Susan Adams.

Mitch Trachtenberg, Trinidad

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