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No to 'You Know ...'




I would expect an educator like Sallie Hadden ("Taking Charge in Loleta," Dec. 13) to be able to express herself clearly. Her remark concerning the committee members being of a specific nationality are problematic. "‘Oh, they, a lot of, several of them are Hispanic parents,' Hadden said. ‘You know, good people, but, you know.'"

Know what? OK, they're maybe from Mexico, they are humans, they care about their kids like everyone else, but what else? All I can think is some bigoted comment can be inserted here.

Another thing, Ms. Hadden: Public schools are paid for by all of society because they benefit all of society. It is a socialized system. As such, all members of a community are allowed to give their input into the way the school is run, and their concerns should be considered. If you don't want to hear our input, then don't take our money. It is not your personal fiefdom to run as you please.

I'm not sure we want a bigot who ignores the recommendations of an independent committee and thinks bullying is "blown out of proportion by society" to be involved in our schools at all, let alone as principal and superintendent.

Rick Siegfried, Eureka


"Taking Charge in Loleta" should have been titled "Taking Charge at Home." Parents are responsible for their children's behavior. The schools are responsible for their education.

You quoted a father who said his children told him it was hard to learn in class because other students are acting up. Schools are not here to raise children -- they're here to teach them. If parents would put their time, energy and passion into raising their children, teaching them how to behave both in and out of the classroom, the schools would have a far better chance of educating them and thus turning them into productive members of society.

Susan Dodd, Eureka


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