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Shame on Linda Stansberry and her column "Slugfest" (Sept. 18).

Banana slugs are native to California and our old growth redwood forests. They eat fallen leaves, mushrooms and dead animals. They replenish the soil and are an important part of the survival of the forests.

These are not a pest like the European brown snails that eat the plants in our yards and gardens. There is no need to torture and eat these beautiful yellow creatures as you have instructed in the article. Banana slugs are part of the endangered forests and should be left to do their job keeping redwood forests healthy.

This Stansberry recipe could be very detrimental to our beautiful native forest dweller when people read the article. Linda writes about her conscience yet her ego wins out when it comes to writing an article to further her name in this local weekly journal.

I wish the Journal would think about the power of an article and the harm it could possibly do when it goes into print.

— Ann White, Eureka

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