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Not Wasting all that Sun



Yes, Charlie, as news director, I remember interviewing you about off-grid solar power (Mailbox, Aug. 11).

I only wish that YOU remembered that not only am I off grid with an alternative energy solar system, but that you actually helped me over many years when I would come in needing parts/supplies or new panels or batteries.

I also wish that you would remember that you can't always believe what you read in the newspaper.

That story ("The Tax Man Cometh," July 28), and the way it was written, gave the impression that I run my generator just to watch television. That is just not the case and I need to set the record straight.

I, like many people in Humboldt County, use solar power all year round for all my electrical needs. I have a small generator that is used as backup for my solar power.

In the summertime, I hardly have to use my generator because the sun keeps my batteries charged. In the winter, during cloudy days, I run my generator when needed to keep my batteries charged.

I am very sensitive regarding generator noise and do not want my neighbors to hear mine. My generator is small, enclosed and quiet.

The subject of the meeting was cannabis growing and its impact on the environment, especially 24/7 generator use for indoor cultivation, which requires a lot of power. Humboldt County's new cannabis ordinance limits indoor growing to areas served by the grid and prohibits indoor growing off the grid unless it is completely solar powered and carbon neutral. I have always been a proponent of solar power and will continue to support clean alternative energy in any way that I can. As a rural resident, I know how important that is.

Estelle Fennell, Redway

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