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Not What I Meant



I hate to complain, but the caption for my letter to the editor last week (April 28) gave an inaccurate impression of it. "It's Easy Being Green" is certainly not what I meant! Huge change is never easy, and huge change is what it will ultimately take to allow 7 billion people to live sustainably here on Earth.

We are becoming more and more aware of the damage we're doing and the danger we're facing, yet resistance to changing our behavior as individuals is still quite strong. We're creatures of habit. And we're enmeshed in systems that are hard to change. We also don't agree on the best steps to take care of the oceans and the climate. So, being human, we're dithering and arguing and waiting for someone else to take care of the situation.

The suggestion I tried to make is to get started on the road to a sustainable future by going after the easy stuff. Instead of preaching about nearly impossible goals such as zero waste, let's greatly reduce our waste by focusing on things like reusable shopping bags and water bottles. We can always argue about the more difficult stuff while we knock off the low-hanging fruit.

It's daunting to hear extreme lifestyle changes prescribed when most of us haven't begun the minor changes. Let's hit the attainable goals first.

Martha Walden, Bayside

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