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Personally I have not met Kirk Girard (Why Do People Hate Kirk Gerard?" Nov. 3), but I have had many unsuccessful visits to the Planning Dept. Offices.

The latest debacle came from an email I received through a neighbor giving me a heads up ... as she knew I'd not received notice of the meeting on the changes planned for Bayside Properties. Apparently Bayside Properties are to be re-assigned from Agricultural Subdivisions to Residential Estates. ... ahem! There go the cows, llamas, chickens, alpacas, horses, sheep ... and our water, our just re-developed Rocky Creek Watershed and the value of our properties. Please recall that many of us are on well water, most of us on septic systems.  To even dream of creating smaller parcels for "development" is beyond my imagination and my worst nightmares!

In addition to a hellish road, Old Arcata has no real speed limits because it is not enforced by CHP nor sheriff. We have a two-lane road, and you want to develop more here?

Might I also state for all records that all property owners were to be notified two full weeks in advance of the Sat. the 5th meeting. I was not notified.

I am frustrated by the lack of service I receive from these offices in the Planning Dept.  I certainly do not hate them, but I don't feel they serve me.  How can this be transformed for all of us?

I await an answer ... perhaps Heidi can discover one for me?

Ginni Hassrick, Bayside


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