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Peace Officers Vital


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Here it is folks, here is the police state getting closer and closer to you/me/us.
I refer to the editorial by Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, editor of the Journal, entitled "Good Cops Aren't Afraid of Cameras" (Feb. 28).

I would define a good cop as one who takes on the mantle of peace officer. Not someone who uses their authority to threaten the very people they have sworn to protect. I have heard Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman describe himself as a peace officer, and I believe him. 
How many other officers can we count on to protect you/me/us from those who are doing us harm? If not protect us, at least don't hit us over the head or shoot things at us when we are demonstrating to stop harm being done to the common man, woman, child, tree, whale or dolphin.

Because we ARE going to have to stand shoulder to shoulder, us common, life-loving folk, to stop further destruction of all that we hold dear. We can see that now, can't we? We are the ones who are here at this time to do so. Those of us who are willing to see what is going on and care enough to get in the way of it.

We need what is left of our truth telling media to expose the lies and contradictions we see all around us. Thank you, Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, for doing so.
And we need genuine peace officers who behave like the people they have sworn themselves to be: protectors of you/me/us.

Maureen Kane, Arcata


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