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Pot, Kettle



The "Work in Progress" article (Aug. 24) is a one-sided, hypocritical mess. Here is the problem, the entire point being made is that the racism in this community is always against the black population. This is far from true. For example, I was personally the victim of Hispanic racism. I was falsely accused of a heinous crime by a Hispanic couple. Their son, a cop, got Eureka police to "investigate" and I was kidnapped by an EPD detective. It was a hell I never wish to live again. This had nothing to do with the black community.

So, let's get the facts straight. There is a problem in this community, but the conversation in itself has been racist. I agree the white supremacy crowd is a scourge in this country. But all of the blame seems to go against them alone. Those condemning them refuse to condemn the call for the killing of cops by the racist portion of the black community. There is no call for the politicians, celebrities, sports personalities, etc. who are calling for the assassination of the president (felony offences by the way) to be arrested and prosecuted. This crowd claims tolerance but lives hate.

It is time for all community members to condemn all acts of racism, violence and terrorism on the basis that they are evil — no matter what group, race, social status or political party they come out of. Until then, there will never be true inclusion or unity.

Bruce Fillman, Eureka

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