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Pot Parasites



Noticed a full page ad in the last issue, which was from a dispensary, touting the many benefits of medical marijuana (Jan. 7). Nowhere in the ad was there any mention of the side effects of this.

First, is the arrival, in the thousands, of the dreaded Pot Parasite, a very poor addition to the community. The majority of them are not from Humboldt County but have been brought here by the Weed Greed.

Weed Greed, the disease that attracts the parasite, is very persistent and has effects that are far reaching. (Our entire local political establishment is affected, and has never shown any interest in enforcing any type of law to limit this disease.) The sheriff is one of the worst cases. Remember his "Bob Barker" speech? A few years ago, he said he had identified 4,100 major grow sites by airplane fly overs but only had manpower to bust 40 to 50 of them per year. Bob Barker's famous line was, "Come on down." The parasites responded as expected, increasing by 1,000  the first year after the speech, and 1,000 the next year. (Remember, these are major sites.)

Now, the branding machine goes into effect, and decides to try to rename what is basically a scam, a hustle, into something respectable. What about The Industry? Sounds better than scam or hustle, for sure. The pols now accept "input" from the industry to make sure that something which is A) simple to grow and B) has been basically legal for years, can still get a some bastard, quasi-legal status so that the government gets some loot, and the parasite gets paid as though it were still illegal! Tricky business indeed. Might need a little Maalox to keep the lunch down while watching this unfold.

Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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