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Props and a Number



I wish to give props to John Hardin for his entertaining and thorough cover story regarding the Garberville Veterans Hall ("Closed," Oct. 20). I learned a lot I did not know about the history of our major local meeting place. One story he did not include was what we of the senior fitness exercise class did for years before the roof was last sealed. 

That huge stockpot only recently got the bunghole and tubing out the window, making it brisk in the wintertime, BTW. Before that, a large pot sat there for years filling up with water with every rain. Sometimes it even overflowed and left water sitting on that quality oak flooring the vets had installed. We came in on Mondays and Thursdays and, at the close of exercise class, always checked the water level in the pot. If we believed it was likely to overflow before our next class, we climbed up on a chair and used a smaller bucket to bail water, walking it to the sink in the restroom. It was an unusual feat to tackle for a group of women over 65. 

I also want to inform you and the community at large that, in addition to the Civic Club (50 max capacity), there is the Healy Senior Center (78 max capacity) on Briceland Road in Redway that is available for rent at reasonable rates for classes, weddings, parties, music events, dinners, club meetings, etc. The center cannot make up for the open space of the veterans hall, but it is an alternative with a parking lot and good street parking. Call 923-2399 to reserve a date.

Evelyn King, Whitethorn

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