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Public Prayer? Read Russell



I am writing in support of Mrs. Carole Beaton's and attorney Peter Martin's lawsuit ("Tough on Prayer?", Jan. 31) against Eureka city and Humboldt County officials who are attempting to utilize their authorities to unconstitutionally sponsor public prayer meetings and open governmental sessions with religious benedictions and invocations.

City and county officials cannot use their authorities to sponsor prayer meetings without at first blush seeming to be at the same time bullies or autocrats.

May I respectfully suggest that you read, on my Facebook site (www.facebook.com/anthony.barondess, posted on May 14), a summary of Nobelist Bertrand Russell's thoughtful — and cogent — speech, delivered to the South London Branch of the National Secular Society in 1927, entitled "Why I Am Not a Christian."

I fully support the legal action against religious individuals' opening governmental meetings with religious benedictions; and utilizing public money, time, stationery and efforts — with autocratic disregard for the hallowed secular Constitution of the United States of America — to sponsor public prayer meetings in the city of Eureka and county of Humboldt in the USA, in postmodernity in the 21st century.

Anthony S. Barondess, Eureka

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