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Public Safety Funding?



My trust in Eureka Police Department has been severely damaged by the shooting death of the young man Tommy McClain ("Unanswered," Oct. 9). It was tragic because it seemed so unnecessary. All the decisions that led to his death need a serious, unbiased review. Only a civil suit against EPD (if there is one) will in my mind provide an honest account of what happened. Every material action except McClain's apparent decision "to go for the gun" was made by EPD. However, EPD's facts around that claim have serious credibility problems. Did McClain receive contradictory orders ("drop the gun" versus "keep your hands up")? Did he have a hearing disability? I am not as sanguine about the tragic incident as EPD Chief Mills. EPD's conclusion that the shooting was justified cannot be trusted.

The upshot is that I cannot in good conscience support Measure Q. For Tommy McClain's sake, I cannot appear to give an endorsement of EPD's actions by voting for Measure Q.

Peter DeAndreis, Eureka

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