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Race Baiting



My letter is written in response to Michael Tout's letter, entitled "A Familial Vote," which was published in the Aug. 6 edition of the North Coast Journal.

I agree with Mr. Tout's letter about the noise pollution from "Race Day" at Redwood Acres. My husband and I live off of Buttermilk Lane near Sunny Brae in Arcata. We were both working in our yard the day of the race, but we did not realize, at that time, where the noise was coming from. That was until I read Mr. Tout's letter about "Race Day."

My husband and I found the noise from Race Day to be very unpleasant, and we both commented that we hoped it was not going to be a regular thing because it went on for hours and interrupted what is typically an enjoyable activity for us — working in our garden. In fact, I ended up going inside the house because I got tired of listening to it.

I know that people want a safe place to race, but it does not seem right that an event such as this is allowed in a place where it disturbs so many people in the community — both near and far — for hours on end.

Kimberly Tays, Arcata

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