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Having been part of underground and aboveground radio for years I take exception to professor Marcy Burstiner's comment regarding the First Amendment in her column about the new KFRH FM transmitter ("Everything old is young again," April 24).

"They play whatever they want because they can, within general FCC guidelines. There is no boss. They live in the bubble of true First Amendment, uncensored by the government, corporate world, their professors or the university administration." Boiled down these sentences to me read, "Though government regulations censor what can be played and said over the air, KRFH is uncensored by the government, etc." There is no true First Amendment bubble in this country. The sentence quite accurately describes pirate radio, which we know to be illegal and frowned upon by the powers that be.

Marcy Burstiner will continue to be one of my favorite columnists at NCJ and I'm very excited for KRFH. I'm finally able to listen to KRFH at home and within an hour of my first listening experience caught the DJ trying to censor himself, quite badly, but the content wasn't rule breaking, which he mentioned and laughed at himself for trying to cover it up.

Michel Sargent, Arcata

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