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Rail Away



The Journal has done an excellent job of educating the public about just how dysfunctional, useless and costly the North Coast Railroad Authority is. Your latest piece ("Withering NCRA Indictment," Oct. 17) is just more confirmation of this rogue agency's out of control and unmanageable behavior. Okay, we've got it. Now we need the same in-depth attention focused on remedying this mess. Endlessly bemoaning our situation isn't getting us any closer to a solution.

How exactly does Humboldt County extricate itself from this nightmarish boondoggle of an agency? What must be done to transfer authority over the rail line in Humboldt County from the NCRA to an entity that won't be an outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars and will operate openly and transparently?

The most important role the media can play at this juncture is to inform the public about what needs to be done. Give us the information we need to speak in an informed manner to our state representatives, who, one would assume, would make getting us out of the NCRA a priority if more of the public began asking them why more isn't being done when a way out exists. I'm confident your readers look forward to this next chapter in the NCRA story.

Jud Ellinwood, Eureka

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