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Raspberry Regret




I first want to say that I'm definitely a fan of Amy Stewart! However, to all who enjoyed her fabulous article "Put a Berry in It" (Jan. 10) as I did, I just want to offer up a big, thorny warning that they might want to think twice before they decide to plant raspberries in their yard.

Raspberries are "ridiculously easy to grow," as she said, but the problem is that they can be a little too easy to grow! A number of years ago I planted a few canes that were great the first year, but the next year new plants started showing up outside of the planted area, and by year three, they were popping up all over the place! I finally had to dig them up (which was a lot of work chasing roots) and move them to a wine barrel, where they're still doing great. But, to this day, I'm still "weeding" raspberries out of my garden.

Amy Lennox, Eureka

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