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Red Over Blue Lake



Before you get too enthusiastic about the value to our community of the "thousands" of W-2 forms submitted by the Blue Lake Casino, you might do a little investigative reporting about why that number is so high, given the number of actual employees ("The Little Casino That Could," Feb. 10).
Take a good close look at their notoriously scandalous rate of employee turnover. That would make a good story.

Nancy Woodward, Ferndale


Thanks, Mr. Abate, for your hybrid reporting from both a bar and a casino. Maybe a little muckraking at the Tip Top Club will be in order for next week's edition to give full balance to your hybridism.
Hank Sims has been the only real reason to read the North Coast Journal for the past many years. Get him back or the only upside will be more fuel for the woodstove at the week.

Chris Hatton, Somes Bar

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