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Restaurant Reminiscence




On July 4, 1973, my wife and I visited Eureka for the first time. We were living in Illinois and on vacation, traveling the coast from San Diego to Victoria, B.C., and eating seafood every chance we got. The desk clerk at the motel recommended Lazio’s. The dining room was full when we arrived and we took seats at the bar to await a table. While we were enjoying our drinks the woman seated on the stool next to me proudly proclaimed that she and her husband had driven all the way from San Jose just to have dinner at Lazio’s.

With the possible exception of a German restaurant in La Jolla where the manager permitted us to pour what wine remained in our bottle into a Ziplock bag so we could transport it back to our motel, no dining experience on that long trip was as interesting or satisfying as our dinner at Lazio’s. Its closure was a loss to us all. (Incidentally, I do not recommend trying to drink wine from a Ziplock bag while sitting up in bed.)

— Doug Ingold, Arcata

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