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Rio Dell's for Real



I'd like to correct a statement made by reader Douglas George of Eureka, who suggests, in a letter headed "What's in a Town?" (Feb. 11), that Bridgeville isn't really a town, it's "just another unincorporated area of Humboldt County like Garberville or Redway or Rio Dell that has a post office but no governing body."

Rio Dell is a city — it was incorporated in 1965 and last year had a well-attended 50th anniversary celebration which brought back many of the families of the first city leaders along, of course, with those families who have lived here all along. It has a city council, five-member police force, planning commission, and other structures of community, including a chamber of commerce, which also serves neighboring Scotia.

I'll leave the details of Garberville and Redway government to residents of those towns who know such things better than I would, but both have a vibrant community life, a busy business district, and a shared chamber of commerce.

Tracy O'Connell, Rio Dell

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