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Thank you for the article regarding gill netting on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers (“By the Gills,” Nov. 12). It is important to note that despite multiple dams, massive water diversion, temperatures up to 76 degrees, no fish ladders, a fish kill of more than 60,000 and hazardous chemicals running into the water, the Klamath and Trinity rivers continually support healthy salmon runs.

Ironically, the Klamath and Trinity rivers are located on multiple Indian reservations. Further, the healthiest salmon runs in the State of California are within the Klamath and Smith river basins. Both are taken care of by native people. Sadly, the Sacramento River’s salmon runs have been killed off due to farming and high water temperatures. The Sacramento River is solely controlled by non-Indian people and its destruction happened in less than 150 years. This terrible story can be told over and over again about rivers within the state of California.

The tribes have been here, caring for the rivers, for thousands of years, and continue to do so despite all the surrounding environmental challenges bestowed upon them. If one wants to continue to challenge the tribes on their right to fish, it would be best to look at the history and facts first rather than a few for-profit guiders’ clouded opinions.

Jacqueline Dyer, Arcata


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